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It has been a year since the launch of The Journey Continues. When speaking at events, I am often asked, “When did you know that you wanted to publish a book?” To be truthful I didn’t know. Journaling and prayer were the tools that I used in my healing process and I thought that my poetry was something that would stay between me and God. I was wrong. My plan was not God’s plan. In the early months of 2018, God continually pressed me to open my heart and tell my story. My first thought was “but God I will be exposed; who wants to be exposed?” I shared my story of survival with a few selected people I trusted which gave me control over who knew my story. Publishing this book, however, would mean that I would no longer be in control of the situation. I was not thinking about who might be set free from their bondage through hearing my testimony. My major concern was exposing my painful past to the world. In the end, I had to surrender to God, stand in faith, and walk in obedience. This was not an easy task for one who values her privacy.

The Journey Continues was released in the midst of survivors coming forward and publically speaking their truth. Women were beginning to call out their abusers seeking justice for the crimes that were committed against them. Abusers were being exposed, fired, arrested and jailed. The voice and message of The Me Too Movement echoed throughout our country. Women from all walks of life were empowered to act.

It is the silence of survivors who have yet to gain the courage to speak their truth that drives me to continue to speak against abuse. I will continue to speak against all forms of abuse be it sexual abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, et al. I fully understand why this book had to be published and I embrace the call upon my life to impact, encourage and empower survivors.

With this understanding, I encourage you to speak your truth and tell your story, whatever it may be. Speak your truth, someone needs to hear it.



Survivor, Author, Mental Health and Wellness Advocate

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