We continue to struggle through this time of quarantine and isolation from our loved ones. We sit on the edge of our seats in anticipation waiting to be released from confinement. At times, we have felt like little kids placed on punishment: not allowed to go out, feeling trapped, frustrated, and agitated. We hope that our time of isolation will soon come to an end.

This lamp of hope has been recently dimmed by the social unrest arising in the African American Community due to the loss of George Floyd. Mr. Floyd is an African American man whose life was taken right before our eyes. This tragic and senseless loss of life was just another example of the racism that Blacks continue to experience time and time again. The most recent inhumane acts of violence against Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd have ignited outrage and sparked a fire that is now an uncontrolled inferno. The community that has experienced the greatest loss due to the Coronavirus now suffers the additional pain of blatant racism.

Watching the coronavirus silently unleash itself throughout our nation and the killing of unarmed Black men and women have made us painfully aware of leadership. From our politicians to our pastors, we have been reminded that during a crisis good leadership is a necessity. We have seen both good and bad leadership over these past months. We have seen, and continue to see, the suffering that can occur under poor leadership. Unfortunately, during a pandemic, poor leadership decisions are not simply a matter of bad judgement, they cost lives. Poor leadership leads to further mistreatment of an already fragile and underserved population. It causes hurting people whose pain is not acknowledged to cry out, “look at me, don’t forget about me, what about me!” Poor leadership is destructive and deadly.

On the other hand, to abide under good leadership is a special blessing. Under the umbrella of good leadership, you are free to sit and relax. Good leadership promotes peace. It is hopeful! It can turn a dark cloud into a sunny day. Harmony and unity grow under the umbrella of good leadership. We appreciate good leadership in our individual lives and as members of society under a governing body.

I have reflected on the leadership that I have witnessed during this challenging time. I have found joy and I have grieved. I have thought to myself, “l wonder if our eyes are open to what is really going on?”

As we slowly begin to resume some level of normalcy amongst the protesting and the cries for justice, I pray that this time in history will be recorded as a time of change, not just a time of quarantine.

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