Lessons Learned

2020 a new year, a new decade. If you are like most people you may have taken some time to reflect on the past year and decade. We have endured many things, not only in our individual personal lives but in our society, but the blessing is that we have survived it all and are still here.

As we forge on to the new year, I am encouraged to take the many lessons learned from 2019 to catapult me into a year of better living. As we ended the year a trusted friend asked me “What was the biggest lesson you learned this year.” Without hesitation I answered I learned to trust God more, to not be concerned about what it looks like but to stand on what he told me to do.

This was my biggest lesson in 2019, What was yours? What was that lesson that changed your perspective and caused you to stop and take notice of who you are, and what you were doing? Whatever the lesson, carry it into the new year and continue to reflect on it when you encounter challenges. May it be a reminder, that you are a survivor.

I look forward to sharing with you throughout the year and wish you a blessed and prosperous new year.

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