My Hallelujah In This Season

March marks one year that we have been in the pandemic; COVID-19 has ravished our world. Just like many of you, I did not imagine we would still be wearing masks and socially distancing from the ones we love, yet here we are a year later. We continue to wonder when this will come to an end.

Believers have clung to their faith during this trying time. Some have found God in this season, while others have renewed their relationship with him. Whatever category you fall in, it is certain that your faith has been tested. We have questioned God seeking answers to why we remain in this pandemic. Some days are harder than others. We cry our way through the day and wrestle with how much longer we must endure at night. Watching our loved ones die has sent some of us into a state of depression. It is enough to throw your hands up and say, “God I give up, I cannot do this anymore, I cannot hope anymore.”

I recently found myself in this state and I began to do the only thing I know to do. I cried out to God and began to worship. I began to talk to him about more than just the pandemic. I talked to God about all the other things that I was dealing with in my life. As I talked to him about what I was feeling, I began to reflect on his goodness and found myself in a place of gratitude. I began thanking God for the simple things in life. Those things that I take for granted: shelter, a job, the ability to pay my bills and to take care of myself. As I thought on these things, I began to realize that there are so many people who are suffering and do not have what I have.

As we continue to hold on to our faith, focus on what you have instead of what you do not have. Believers know that hallelujah, is our way of giving praise to God, however I believe our hallelujah changes based on the season that we are in. Sometimes our hallelujah is just simply a praise of adoration to God, while other times it means that and so much more. My hallelujah in this season is God do not leave me, God keep my mind, God do not let me forget that you are still good and, lastly, God let me grow from the experiences of this season.

What does your hallelujah mean in this season?



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