The beginning of the year has been eventful to say the least and we are just in March. The loss of a great man, the once loved and prominent black woman now strongly hated, and the unleashing of a virus that continues to impact all of our lives. We seem to have experienced a wide range of emotions as a nation including sadness, extreme anger, and fear. It leaves one to ponder what the rest of the year will bring.

The recent events within our society have brought the worst and the best out in people. We have seen those who stand strong, be the voice of unity and reasoning while others become defensive, go on the attack, and allow their emotions to rule their words and actions. Scrolling through social media has both enraged and inspired me. Gospel Singer Jonathan McReynolds recently released a song entitled “People”. The song begins with the lyrics, “They are the best and the worst you’ve (God) created loving and hating and opinionated.”

As I reflect on the year’s events thus f

ar, my prayer is that we would learn to love people. Love people for who they are and are becoming; with an understanding that none of us are perfect and all of us are still learning and growing. I think this is the lesson that we must continue to learn. Learn to love people regardless

of whether you agree with what they say and/or what they do. This is truly a challenge not just for me as a Christian woman trying to walk in the will of God, but for all of us as human beings, as people.



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