Scars Tell A Story

Scars were once wounds that needed to be healed. Once the wound is healed it leaves a scar. Scars tell a story. They remind us of how strong we are and what we have overcome. They are the badges that we wear when we have survived the ugliness and sometimes traumatic experiences in life. Scars are initially unwelcomed and ugly, however, in time, we learn to appreciate them. The time it takes for a wound to heal depends on the injury. Some wounds are deep and take longer than others to heal.

Scars can also be invisible. These scars tell a story as well. They represent the hurt from broken relationships, the pain from a lost loved one, or simply the challenges of life.

I occasionally reflect on my scars when I am going through a challenging time. Its gives me the momentum to persevere through.

I carry a scar as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. This scar is a badge I carry as an overcomer and an advocate for those who are still wounded. The ones still fighting to heal.

My recent reflection was relating to another scar that left me wounded for some time. It was a weekday in the summer of 2014. I got up early to get ready to do a workout; summertime is always my opportunity to catch up on my workouts. As I woke, I noticed that I was not feeling to well. I felt a sharp pain in my side and had a hard time standing. I knew at that moment something was very wrong. Subsequently, I had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. I vaguely remember the trip to the hospital. My memories of the rest of the day’s events are a blur.

I do recall that after hours of pain, the doctors informed me that I had a cyst that needed to be removed. Removing the cyst required removal of some of my female organs.

Though this occurred six years ago, I remember it as if it happened yesterday. Some things you do not forget. I often reflect on that day during this time of year. Scars are reminders of how resilient we are. They give us the fortitude to keep moving forward.

In this difficult season,we can be ignited by our scars to keep moving forward.

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