The Simplicity of Life

During my time away from the city recently I went for a walk and admired the fall leaves as they drifted down from the trees. I also noticed several blue jays flying over my head and landing in the trees. I thought to myself, “I haven’t seen a blue jay all summer, look how pretty they are”.

The simplicity of life is appreciated when you take time to recognize it. We are always in a rush to do this and that. Deadlines nip at our heels making time crucial. From the time that our feet hit the floor in the morning we are running; ready, set, go! Before we can take a breather, the day is over and we are preparing to do it all over again tomorrow.

If we are not careful our whole life will be spent running in one big cycle without taking the time to appreciate the simplicity of life. Where are the

of life found? So glad you asked. They can be found wherever you are. They can be heard and seen as we go through our everyday routines. The problem is that we miss them because we don’t take the time to recognize them. The birds singing their morning song outside your window, the red robin that flies across the clear blue sky; these are the simplicities of life. The young man who helps the elderly woman cross the street, the teacher who was able to make that student smile who doesn’t smile for anyone; these are the simplicities of life. These are the joys of life that we take for granted or deem unimportant.

We can no longer take these precious things for granted. Life is precious and needs to be acknowledged and appreciated. The ongoing incidents of senseless killing and tragic loss in our society are reminders that we all need to take time to embrace life’s simple beauties.

When you find yourself in the “rat race “of life, heed the warning signs and slow down. Stop and pay attention to the things and people that you tend to take for granted. Tell that special person in your life that you love them; don’t assume they know. Make time to sit and have dinner with your family instead of working late. Take that vacation that you have dreamed of. Start that business that God has placed on your heart. Acknowledge, appreciate, and embrace the simplicities of life.

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