What Will Happen Next?

As we enter the halfway point of the year 2020, we remain in a state of limbo. When will our lives have some form of normalcy? When will we be able to worship in our churches? When will our children go back to school? When will…….? All these questions that seem to have no answers leaving us stuck in uncertainty unable to determine how long we will be here.

There is a legitimate fear of the unknown, a fear of not being able to predict what will happen next. We like predictions, routines, and schedules. These things bring comfort because they are familiar. Our children are used to schedules and routines. They have lived by routines for as long as they have been in school. Like adults, children like routines because they bring a sense of safety.

As we reflect on the last several months of our lives, we see that nothing predictable has taken place. Although we knew that COVID-19 was impacting our world, no one could have predicted its deadly and crippling effects on our country. Life as we know it has changed; perhaps it will never be the same.

The fear of COVID-19 and what each month may bring is ever present. It has caused many of us to live in fear. We are fearful of leaving our home, fearful of what will happen to our family and loved ones. Fear is all around us. It’s waiting to suck us in when we turn on the television to watch the latest news reports, when we look at the rise in numbers from our mobile devices, or when we get news that a family member has fallen ill.

Fear is a normal part of life and is expected given our current climate. However, fear becomes problematic when it hinders our ability to live life to the fullest. It can be paralyzing when it fools us into thinking a temporary situation is a permanent state.

What will happen next? No one knows; we can only wait to find out. As we wait and watch; let’s wait in hope not fear. Wait, holding on to your faith and speaking life into your situation. Wait, with a praying heart and a thankful spirit.

Hold on and wait!!

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