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Season of Summer

Hey Survivors! The Season of Summer is upon us. While we should be looking forward to vacationing with our family, friends and loved ones this joyous time has been overshadowed by the ongoing violence that continues to ravage our cities .The collective trauma that we have experienced through the loss of many lives is significant. We grieve along with those who have been directly impacted.There is the question that lingers: when will it end? how much more can we take?

Each morning as I turn on the news , I await to hear of the next tragedy, the next shooting. As we continue to persevere through this challenging season please take time to check in with yourself and your loved ones. Be mindful of how you are feeling. Make a conscious decisions to take care of yourself by disconnecting from the news, and social media as necessary. Spend time with those who bring you joy.

This month we will continue with our monthly support group As We Heal. Date and log in information can be found @SiahB Hagin on FB and Instagram. Be well, Siah

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